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Godfathers of Hi-NRG Part 2 - BOBBY ORLANDO


Bobby Orlando is considered to be the king of the Hi-NRG style by fans. Whilst many of his productions are a little on the crude side, his prolific output of 12" singles during the early to mid 80s kept dance floors alive with his ultra-energtic music, scoring international hits with songs recorded by Divine and the girl group The Flirts. Many of the releases are sung by a small group of session singers, who appear in various guises and groups.

He released his productions on a number of his self owned independent labels, such as Eurobeat, Memo, Telephon, "O" Records and Bobcat, but they were pressed in very limited numbers, making them highly sought after by collectors, and therefore expensive on the second hand market. A few compilations have been released on CD. As his production output was quite extensive I have only listed my favorite Bobby "O" tracks, rather than attempt a comprehensive discography.

Most of the original US 12"s came without picture sleeves, in plain card sleeves or record company sleeves. The picture sleeves posted in this blog have come from the Continental European versions.

MONDO MAN, Roni Griffith (Vanguard, 1980)
DESIRE, Roni Griffith (Vanguard, 1981)
(THE BEST PART OF) BREAKING UP, Roni Griffith (Vanguard, 1982)
PASSION/CALLING ALL BOYS, The Flirts (”O” Records, 1982)
NATIVE LOVE (STEP BY STEP), Divine (”O” Records, 1982)
I’M SO HOT FOR YOU, Bobby ‘O’ (”O” Records, 1982)
SHE HAS A WAY, Bobby ‘O’ (”O” Records, 1982)
SHOOT YOUR SHOT, Divine (”O” Records, 1982)
FANTASY, Hotline (”O” Records, 1982)
WORK ME OVER, Claudja Barry (TSR, 1982)
PLEASURE, Malibu (”O” Records, 1983)
THESE MEMORIES, Oh Romeo (Bobcat, 1983)
SHAKE IT UP, Divine (Break Records, 1983)
GOIN’ CRUISIN’, Malibu (Bobcat, 1983)
ALL THE LOVE IN MY HEART, Tony Caso (”O” Records,1983)
TAKE A CHANCE (ON ME), Waterfront Home (Bobcat, 1983)
D.J. GIRL, Miss Kimberly (Bobcat, 1983)
BRING ON THE MEN, Wow (Memo, 1983)
LOVE REACTION, Divine (Break, 1983)
I CRY FOR YOU, Bobby ‘O’ (BMC, 1983)
GIVIN’ UP, Bobby ‘O’ (’BMC, 1983)
DANGER, The Flirts (Unidisc, 1983)
I PRETEND, Bobby ‘O’ (BMC LP ‘Free In An Unfree World’, 1983)
BORN TO LOVE, Claudja Barry (Personal, 1984)
ECSTACY, Hotline (”O” Records, 1984)
WORKING GIRL, Girly (”O” Records, 1984)
WHO’S YOUR BOYFREIND?, Eric (Memo, 1984)
I WANT A MAN, Bonnie Forman (Memo, 1984)
FASHION, The New York Models (Memo, 1984)
GUILTY, Hotline (Memo, 1984)
LOVE ON VIDEO, The New York Models (Memo, 1984)
ONCE IS NOT ENOUGH, Oh Romeo (Oh My!, 1984)
I ONLY HAVE EYES FOR YOU, Bonnie Forman (Memo, 1984)
ONE MORE CHANCE/WEST END GIRLS, Pet Shop Boys (Bobcat, 1984)
HELPLESS (YOU TOOK MY LOVE), The Flirts (Telephon, 1984)
BURNIN’, Patty Phillipe (Memo, 1984)
FINGERS, Lea (Oh My!, 1985)
WHISPER TO A SCREAM, Bobby ‘O’ & His Banana Republic Featuring Claudja Barry
(Menovision, 1985)
ONE MORE SHOT, Oh Romeo (Memo, 1985)
DANCIN’ IN HEAVEN, Tony Caso (Memo, 1985)
KEEP OUR LOVE ALIVE, Lifestyle (Memo, 1986)
VOULEZ VOUS, The Flirts (Ariola, 1985)
SAVING MYSELF (FOR THE ONE I LOVE), Oh Romeo (”O” Records, 1985)
NEW TOY, The Flirts (CBS Associated, 1985)
LONELY TOO LONG, Banana Republic (Eurobeat, 1986)
MAKE UP YOUR MIND, Teen Rock (Menovision, 1986)
LOVE ATTACK, Tony Caso (Eurobeat, 1986)
BREATHLESS, Gina Desire (Eurobeat, 1986)
LOVE ADDICT, Girls Have Fun (Eurobeat, 1987)
LUST OT LOVE, Malibu (Eurobeat, 1987)
AGGRESSION, Charlene Davis (Memo, 1987)
FRUSTRATION, Lilly & The Pink (Memo, 1987)
LIVING OUT A FANTASY, Oh Romeo (Memo, 1987)
READY OR NOT, Hotline (Eurobeat, 1987)
SUSPICIOUS MINDS, Bobby ‘O’ (Bobcat, 1988)

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