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Italodisco Top 100

My last post was 100 recommended Hi-NRG tracks form the 80's.  Closely linked with Hi-NRG is Italodisco. 

Italodisco was a marketing term invented by the owner of the German ZYX record label, Bernhard Mikulski in around 1982 - 1983, to promote the synth-pop/disco sound being produced in Italy at that time. Whilst the term "Italodisco" has come to represent the majority of this style of music being produced throughout Continental Europe in the early to mid 80s, I have chosen 100 purely Italian songs for this over view of the genre.

This list is in no particular order of merit, and whilst there are a lot of my favorite songs in it, I have tried to concentrate on the overall popularity of the songs. Therefore the top 5, which are not necessarily the best of the genre, were the biggest Italodisco chart hits in Britain. There was usually only one or two Italodisco chart hits in the UK at the end of each summer when people returned from their Mediterranean holiday, having danced to the songs in the sun!

Many of the artists listed below were not 'real' artists. Many of them were studio projects, using session singers whilst being fronted by a model for public appearances. Valerie Dore and Den Harrow being two famous cases in point.

Since posting my top 100 Italodisco suggestions a few days ago, the postman has delivered some new tracks through my door. I am really enjoying them, so I have taken out a few of the weaker tracks from the top 100. 

I have put the cover artwork of my new finds onto the blog, along with some of my longtime favorites.

DOLCE VITA, Ryan Paris (Discomagic, 1983) 
TARZAN BOY, Baltimora (EMI Italiana, 1984) 
CALL ME, Spagna (CBS, 1987) 
I LOVE MY RADIO (MIDNIGHT RADIO), Taffy (Ibiza, 1985) 
BOYS (SUMMERTIME LOVE), Sabrina (Ibiza, 1987) 
THE NIGHT, Valerie Dore (Merak, 1984) 
I NEED LOVE, Kano (Fulltime, 1983) 
FEEL THE DRIVE, Doctor’s Cat (Il Discotto, 1983) 
SELF CONTROL, RAF (Carrere, 1984) 
BOOM BOOM (LET’S GO BACK TO MY ROOM), Paul Lekakis (Esquire, 1986) 
MAGIC CARILLON, Rose (Discomagic, 1984) 
AROUND MY DREAM, Silver Pozzoli (Many, 1985) 
ONLY MUSIC SURVIVES, Alba (Merak, 1985) 
CHANCE TO DESIRE, Radiorama (Discomagic, 1985) 
DIVINE, Mike Hammer (Time, 1988) 
FUTURE BRAIN, Den Harrow (Baby, 1985) 
HEY HEY GUY, Ken Laszlo (Memory, 1984) 
HAPPY STATION, Fun Fun (X-Energy, 1983) 
FLY TO ME, Aleph (Time, 1985) 
I FEEL YOU (TI SENTO), Matia Bazar (Ariston, 1986) 
RUN TO ME, Tracy Spencer (Ibiza, 1985) 
HIGHER, Vivien Vee (Banana, 1983) 
PEOPLE FROM IBIZA, Sandy Marton (Ibiza, 1984) 
HYPNOTIC TANGO, My Mine (Progress, 1983) 
LOVER TO LOVER, Joe Yellow (Baby, 1983) 
LOVE TAKER, Stefano Pulga (System, 1983) 
TWO FOR LOVE, Miko Mission (Blow Up, 1985) 
RIGHT BY THE MOON, K. Barré (Many, 1984) 
PRETTY FACE, Stylóo (Hole, 1983) 
TONIGHT, Ken Laszlo (Memory, 1985) 
VOICES IN THE DARK, Mike Cannon (Memory, 1983) 
TELL ME THE REASON, Alan Barry (Discomagic, 1988) 
CHARLESTON, Den Harrow (Baby, 1986) 
GIPSY QUEEN, Gipsy And Queen (Time, 1986) 
COLOUR MY LOVE, Fun Fun (X-Energy, 1984) 
ICE COLD LOVE, Madigan (On The Road, 1986) 
FACES, Clio (Crash, 1985)
POLARIS, Cyber People (Memory, 1984) 
SECRETS, Albert One, (Time, 1986) 
U.S.S.R., Eddy Huntington (Esquire, 1986) 
THE VISITORS, Koto (Memory, 1985) 
FIRE ON THE MOON, Aleph (Time, 1986) 
DANGER FOR LOVE, Deborah Haslam (Lombardoni, 1985)
TAKE A CHANCE, Mr. Flagio (Squish, 1983) 
ANOTHER LIFE, Kano (Fulltime, 1983) 
GET CLOSER, Valerie Dore (Merak, 1984) 
I WANNA BE YOUR LOVE, Rose (Time, 1988) 
AMERICA (MEDLEY WITH MACHINERY), Cruisin’ Gang (Cruisin’, 1985) 
UNDER THE ICE, Topo & Roby (Il Disc, 1984)
DOWN DOWN ROMEO, Meccano (Keep On, 1985) 
RISE UP (FOR MY LOVE), Yvonne Kay (X-Energy, 1985)
HEARTBEAT (ONE, TWO, THREE), Vivien Vee (X-Energy, 1987) 
STEP BY STEP, Silver Pozzoli (Many, 1985) 
DRAGONS LEGEND, Koto (Memory, 1988) 
GIMME THE LOVE, Kinky Go (BMS, 1986) 
BAILA BOLERO, Fun Fun (X-Energy, 1987) 
COME ON, Alan Barry (Time, 1986) 
SHOOTING STAR (SIX TIMES), Roy (Memory, 1987) 
IN YOUR EYES, Roxana (Cruisin’, 1985) 
BIG BROTHER, Aleph (Time, 1988) 
ACTIVATE MY HEART, Meccano (Keep On, 1986) 
THE LAST WALL, Alan Ross (Memory, 1986) 
REAL MEN, Tom Hooker (Merak, 1984) 
FEEDBACK/OVERPOWER, Den Harrow (Baby, 1986) 
SPEND A LITTLE TIME, Hemyl (Merak, 1985) 
SHANGHAI, Lee Marrow (Discomagic, 1985) 
ONCE MORE, Taffy (Ibiza, 1985)
BURNING, Simon (Keep On, 1987) 
DON’T CRY, Ken Laszlo (Memory, 1986) 
LITTLE RUSSIAN, Mr. Zivago (BMS, 1987) 
ROCK ME TONIGHT, Chip Chip (BMS, 1987) 
GIVE ME YOUR LOVE, Fun Fun (X-Energy, 1985) 
WHEEL OF LOVE, Laurie (Memory, 1987) 
FREEDOM, The Winners (Crash, 1986) 
HOLD THE LINE, Chester (Time, 1987) 
BROWN SUGAR, Gipsy And Queen (Time, 1987) 
FLASH IN THE NIGHT, Public Passion (Chapulin, 1986) 
MONEY RUNNER, Scotch (American Disco, 1986) 
I’M IN DANGER, Aleph (Time, 1987) 
BLACK JACK, Tom Cat (Macho, 1988) 
SWISS BOY, Lou Sern (Esquire, 1986) 
EXOTIC AND EROTIC, Sandy Marton (Ibiza, 1985) 
FROM HERE TO ETERNITY, Colby (Technology, 1987) 
DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSOR, Cyber People (Memory, 1988) 
FAIRY TALE, Rose (Lombardoni, 1985) 
I NEED YOUR LOVE, Midnight Passion (Cruisin’, 1985) 
KEEP ON ROCKIN’, Hemyl (Missing, 1986) 
MAYDAY, Eddy Huntington (Esquire, 1988)
MY MAN, Cruisin’ Gang (Cruisin’, 1983)  
BLACK OUT, Aleph (Time, 1988) 
I’M A WINNER, Kinky Go (BMS, 1986) 
LOVE, Gipsy And Queen (Time, 1988) 
LIGHT UP MY HEART, Angie St Phillip (Simple,1985)
LOVE IS THE REASON, Time With Ram Band (Ram Productions, 1985) 
EVERYONE’S A WINNER, Monkey Business (X-Energy, 1987) 
DON’T STOP, Ross (Flea, 1987)  
LOOKING FOR LOVE, Tom Hooker (Baby, 1986) 
WAITING FOR A TRAIN, Moonbase (Il Discotto, 1983) 

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