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Eurodisco Classics

More Eurodisco Classics 

Although Italy and Germany were at the forefront of 80s Eurodisco in terms of the sheer output of records produced, the sound was also being made in other Continental  European countries. 

The Eurodisco sound was, and still is, very popular in Holland and Belgium. Belgian producer Alfons (Fonny) De Wulf, and Dutch producer, Michiel Van Der Kuy, created a hybrid Eurodisco sound, which mixed spacedisco synth pop with Continental Eurodisco and Hi-NRG. The famous tracks, like Fonny De Wulf's production of Samantha Gilles "Let Me Feel It", and Michiel Van Der Kuy's studio projects such as Sisley Ferré, Attack, Paparazzi and Special Touch, with vocals by the leading Dutch session singer Jody Pijper, have come to be regarded as amongst the best examples of Eurodisco and 80s Hi-NRG. I must of course make mention of the breathtakingly original remixes made by the Dutch remixer Peter Slaghuis, sadly killed at too early an age. Peter Slaghuis remixes still sound fresh and exiting today, and I know of few people who can't get enough of his semnal re-working of Maria Vidal's "Bodyrock".

In Sweden, there was of course the pop heritage left by Abba. Ola Håkansson and Tim Norrell created a German style discofox sound with their productions of Lili & Sussie, The Herreys and Secret Service, whilst Paul Rein brought a more Hi-NRG slanted sound to his pop productions.

I don't have much knowledge of the more obscure Eurodisco produced by these countries, but here is a selection I would recommend. I have listed them by country of origin.

(YOU’VE GOT TO) MOVE IT ON, Rofo (Infinity, 1983) 
I WANT YOU, Rofo (Infinity,1984) 
LET ME FEEL IT, Samantha Gilles (Infinity, 1984) 
ONE SHOT LOVER, Venus (ARS, 1984) 
LOVE WAVES, Patty Heart (ARS, 1986) 
IN THE DARK, Angie Dylan (ARS, 1987) 
DON'T LET GO, Tasha (ARS, 1987) 
LOVE AND DEVOTION, Michael Bow (ARS, 1987) 
I NEED YOUR LOVE, Paparazzi Featuring Jody Pijper (Infinity, 1987) 
NOW IS THE TIME, Paparazzi Featuring Jody Pijper (Infinity, 1987) 
ONE SHOT SO HOT, Michael Bow (ARS, 1987) 
ONE MORE TIME, Bianca (Infinity, 1987) 
LOVE GUN, Special Touch Featuring Jody Pijper (Infinity, 1987) 
CHECK IT OUT, Special Touch Featuring Rachel Hart (Infinity, 1987) 
YOU ARE THE ONE, 1000 Ohm (ARS, 1987) 
MIDNIGHT LOVER, Bianca (Infinity, 1988) 
LOVE ON THE REBOUND, Angie Dylan (ARS, 1988) 

GET UP ACTION, Digital Emotion (Break, 1983) 
GET READY, X Ray Connection (Break, 1983) 
GO GO YELLOW SCREEN, Digital Emotion (Break, 1984) 
AFTER THE RAINBOW, Joanne Daniëls (Break, 1984) 
MONEY MANIAC, Femme Fatale (Injection, 1984) 
CRAZY FOR YOUR LOVE, Attack  (Hotsound, 1985) 
ENDLESS ROAD, Time Bandits (CBS, 1985) 
BLACK KISSES (NEVER MAKE YOU BLUE), Curtie & The Boom Box (RCA, 1985) 
TALKIN’ BOUT RAMBO, L’ Vira (Break, 1985) 
HISTORY, Mai Tai (Injection,1985) 
YOU’RE WRONG, Gotcha (Hotsound, 1986) 
HUMANOID INVASION, Laserdance (Hotsound, 1986) 
GIVE ME YOUR LOVE, Sisley Ferré (Hotsound, 1986) 
CAN’T STOP, Attack (Hotsound, 1986) 
POWERRUN, Laserdance (Hotsound, 1986) 
SPECIAL LOVE, Attack Featuring Sisley Ferré (Hotsound, 1987) 
SAY YOU’LL BE MINE, Kim Taylor, (Hotsound, 1987) 
FOR YOU, Sisley Ferré (Hotsound, 1987) 
MAKE UP YOUR MIND, Attack (Hotsound, 1988) 
DANCE WITH ME, Claudia T (Made Up, 1988) 
WATCH OUT, Jackie Touché (Made Up, 1988) 
LET ME FREE, Gina (Made Up, 1988) 
IT’S YOU, Sheila Stewart (Made Up, 1988)

WHERE ARE YOU NOW, Cerrone (Malligator,1983) 
STRESS, David Christie (Savoir Faire, 1984) 
AROUND MY DREAM, Kazino (Carrere, 1985) 
ONE SHOT LOVER, Sylvie Vartan (RCA, 1985) 
AMERICAN LOVE, Rose Laurens (WEA, 1985) 
SHERRY MI-SAI, Monte Kristo (In The Mix, 1986) 
LA NUIT, Rose Laurens (WEA, 1986) 
A LA VIE, A L’AMOUR, Jakie Quartz (CBS, 1987) 
VOYAGE VOYAGE, Desireless (CBS, 1987) 
EMOTION (LE JOUR SE LEVE), Jackie Quartz (CBS, 1987) 

IN BLUE/D.J. , Data (Proto, 1985) 
THE SUN ALWAYS SHINES ON TV (REMIX), A-ha (Warner Bros, 1985) 

UNDER COVER LOVER, Theresa Maiuko (Transmedia, 1986)

THE NIGHT (LA NOCHE), Azul Y Negro (Mercury, 1982) 
YOU AIN'T GOT A CHANCE, Charley Danone (Blanco Y Negro, 1984) 
PLAYBOY, David Lyme (Max-Music, 1986)
I WANYOU, Marce (Blanco Y Negro, 1987)
MATA-HARI, Mata Hari (Blanco Y Negro, 1988)

LAY ALL YOUR LOVE ON ME, Abba (Polar, 1981) 
HOLD BACK YOUR LOVE, Paul Rein (Alpha, 1985) 
WHEN THE NIGHT CLOSES IN, Secret Service (Sonet, 1985) 
NIGHT IN THE CITY, Annie Anner (Salut, 1985) 
PEOPLE SAY IT’S IN THE AIR, The Herreys (Chateau, 1985) 
NIGHTCITY, Secret Service (Sonet, 1986) 
CANDY LOVE, Lili & Sussie (Sonet, 1986) 
DANCININ THE MOONLIGHT, Body Heat (Lollipop, 1986)
COMMUNICATE, Paul Rein (Fago/Injection, 1987) 

VICIOUS GAMES, Yello (Elektra, 1985) 
THE CALLING, Ken Heaven (Savage, 1986) 
I CRY FOR YOU, Shy Rose (Fantasy International, 1987)

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